About Jason Lemieux

I’m a recent graduate of Columbia University with a Master of International Affairs. I write on American foreign policy, violent conflict, international law, human rights, gender, humanitarian issues, Legos, new scientific discoveries, and whatever else strikes me. This blog is not exclusive to any set of topics.

I served five years in the US Marine Corps infantry with three tours in Iraq from 2003-2006. In 2008, I spoke before the Congressional Progressive Caucus about the humanitarian implications of my Iraq experience.

I’m currently looking for opportunities in human rights advocacy, peace and conflict resolution, strategic/security analysis, journalism, or some combination thereof. I prefer opportunities in my current location of Washington, DC (or NYC if the fit is right). I can be contacted via LinkedIn.

All views expressed herein are my own, not those of any other person or organization, unless otherwise noted.

Thanks for reading.

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