Andrew Sullivan Apologizes

You don’t see a lot of this in public discourse:

I don’t think I had fully reflected upon the grotesque indignity the state of Texas has enforced on this woman, or the extreme pain the family must still be feeling, until today. I apologize for that. At 14 or 20 weeks, I cannot see either how the baby can be successfully brought to term in any meaningful way. If a woman were pro-life and had insisted her child be born regardless of her own condition, it would be one thing. But turning a dead woman into a host for a non-viable fetus against her wishes violates some core principles – of limited government, of family rights, of human dignity. I see that more clearly now; and I’m grateful for being forced by the vehemence of your emails to rethink.

It’s been a while since I awarded a character tag. Subgenres: Courage and Integrity.

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