Lego Roundup

Sorry for the huge lapse in posting again. Unemployment is pretty demoralizing (though I suppose I ought to use my writing as a coping mechanism).

Drivable Car

In its finished form, the Super Awesome Micro Project can reach a top speed of eighteen miles per hour with the aid of four orbital engines and 256 pistons. All but the tires and load-bearing elements are made of Legos.

I had to search through a good dozen articles before I found one that explained what is meant by reports that the Super Awesome Micro Project “runs on air.” It’s compressed air. Not the engineering breakthrough I hoped for.

Gingerbread House

Big one. Mike Addis and Catherine Weightman assembled it as part of an annual tradition in their Cambridgeshire, UK home. 18 year-old daughter Holly refuses to appear in a Christmas card picture with it. Dunno why it’s that big a deal.

Credit: BBC

Credit: BBC


I guess this is a city in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings? Anyway, Alice Finch and David Frank’s creation is massive and extremely detailed and you are advised to check out the closeups on Flickr.

Credit: Bippity Bricks

Credit: Alice Finch/Bippity Bricks


Nag Odekar built a handsome replica of the Chicago skyline in his clearly baller apartment. His Sears Tower is over six feet tall. The video won’t embed, so watch it here.

Original Apple Computer

This video is sick. Too bad it won’t embed.


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