After Crash, Violinist Shares Her Recovery Through Music

Since August 2011, Michigan Violinist Alicia Doudna has suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury [an injury near and dear to the hearts of Iraq and Afghanistan vets] after a collision with a semi trailer. Last month, less than two years after the collision, she performed a benefit recital at the Kerrytown Concert House. Alicia credits music, gratitude, and positivity with her recovery:

“I’ve said this a million times: I really think music’s wiring in my brain helped save my life. I think music wires the brain differently. Music is amazing. It is incredibly positive and offers so many qualities of life. It’s emotional and educational.”

“The medical system here in Michigan is unbelievable. I’m grateful that traumatic brain injuries are treated better now than they were 5 years ago,” she says.

Alicia now plans to use her gifts to help aspiring musicians:

“Something pretty horrific happened to me a while back,” she briefly mentioned at the concert—not lingering on it—”but like I tell students and children, Block it out. Put it on the back burner. Let’s forget about that for now.”

“I really think private teaching is my calling,” says the certified Suzuki teacher.

Your daily dose of inspiration comes via Ann

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