Spencer Ackerman Learns of the Legal Definition of “WMD”

You may recall that, in my Iraq tenth-year anniversary post, I griped that federal law had been amended to insult our intelligence by labeling small homemade explosive devices “weapons of mass destruction.” In a mildly amusing development, Spencer Ackerman was just informed of the new law by his Twitter followers. Ackerman had sensibly questioned the charges laid upon Eric Harroun, the Army veteran who is allegedly fighting with Al Qaida in Syria.

According to the Washington Post, Harroun is being charged with “conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction” for his intention to use a rocket-propelled grenade launcher similar to the rocket launcher I used during the fight to rid Saddam of potentially-actual-but-nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.

If you can’t make your case based on how things work in the real world, then you forfeit the argument. Either a “rocket-propelled grenade” is a dangerous enough weapon to justify prosecution on its own merit or the federal government forfeits its right to be taken seriously on this issue.

Otherwise it’s perfectly fair to point out that the US is guilty of using more heinous weapons of mass destruction with every Hellfire, artillery round, and JDAM employed in its “Overseas Contingency Operations.” 


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