The Party of Warfare

This is a short clip that doesn’t provide a ton of context, but I post it because it’s indicative of many others that show how the Republican Party is a magnet for empty, combative, know-nothing blowhards who want only to win more cookies. Rep. McMorris Rodgers just babbles to the entire nation when asked about specific programs that “need” to be cut under the GOP’s anti-whatever Obama wants platform. Transcript:

McMORRIS RODGERS: We need to have the spending cuts.

BLITZER: What? Give me an example?

McMORRIS RODGERS: Well, it is, it’s, looking at the spending, looking at entitlement reform, looking at the growth in government. And you know what the President put on the table, the President is moving in the wrong direction. He proposed higher taxes than he ever said during the campaign, more stimulus, more spending, that’s moving us in the wrong direction.

When her Democratic foil then lists $3 trillion in specific cuts that the Democrats have passed, she dismisses these specifics as “smoke and mirrors” compared to her nothing. And there will be no penalty, no electoral consequence, no political scandal for her troubles. Never mind that she calls more stimulus spending a move in the wrong direction as if the unemployed can magically help pay down the deficit without jobs. She can just get up in front of the camera and say what she wants; it’s right because it came out of a Republican’s mouth.

The GOP is a party only of permanent warfare; on other countries and on their own. If their very consciously crafted public appearance means anything, there is not an ounce of governance in the whole lot of them.

h/t ThinkProgress.

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