Air Zound Bike Horn

The second installment of my online review series:

I agree with the last reviewer: You really owe it to yourself to pick one of these up if you plan on riding in NYC. IT’S LOUDER THAN A CAR HORN and very light. Any automobile driver who cuts you off will be astounded to learn that he no longer has the last word.

Do be aware that the horn won’t replace a small bell to alert pedestrians, as the reservoir only holds 6-8 seconds worth of (very loud) blast.

I also agree that the attachment materials are laughably flimsy. The horn would have fallen off my bike several times by now if I didn’t reinforce it with zipties (one holding the horn to the bars in case the clip fails, and several holding the reservoir to the frame), which work well. Even with this shortcoming, I would not replace my horn with a different brand. Well worth the money.

The horn itself does indeed look like flimsy plastic, but I’ve had mine for over a year now and it has held up fine in fairly demanding conditions. Jason W. Lemieux’s review of Air Zound, 115 db, Horn.

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