The Walking Dead

I just watched last Sunday’s episode. As usual, I was left agitated and disturbed by what I had seen.

They always do a good job breaking to the theme music after a cliffhanging intro. That music is perfectly composed to communicate the incomprehensible horror to which the characters are doomed in the apocalypse. I’m always struck by how unafraid the directors are to show life as we can expect that it might really be after the zombie-precipitated fall of the state: No breaks; just bottomless tragedy and terror that herculean ingenuity and sacrifice curb for mere hours at a time. There’s a subplot in Season Two where Lori questions whether her preadolescent son would be better off succumbing to a gunshot wound than living his years and dying after a lifelong run from savagery. She’s not crazy to wonder.

Rick continues his slide toward using force as a first resort with his attempt to torture information out of Micholle instead of exercising a modicum of patience. Bereft of certainty that the political system will resolve the problem, he caves to the temptation of interpersonal security dilemma crap instead of just asking a simple question. I hate when they do that.

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