Obama-Romney Debate II

10:38: Obama calls out veterans among the 47% who Romney referred to in his leaked tape.  Many of the noted veterans don’t think that Romney could possibly have been including them, taxes or no taxes.

10:37: Friends on Facebook who have government jobs are noting that Romney apparently just fired them.

10:35: We have to settle for gasoline at four bucks…as long as we price gasoline on a world commodity market.

10:34: Government DOES create jobs…sometimes.  If it’s good government.  Romney wants Keynesian stimulus not to exist.

10:33: Obama’s characterization of Romney’s tax plan is NOT completely false…at least, not as far as we the commoners are allowed to know.

Also appreciate Obama saying that some jobs are not coming back.  No unicorns here.

10:32: Obama had a good zinger there about Romney’s tax plan sending jobs to China.  Don’t know if it’s right, but it was a zinger.

10:31: As with last time, I try not to blog but decide that my Facebook status updates are probably getting overwhelming.

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