First Obama-Romney Debate

10:35: Final call: On facts, Obama can’t lose.  But given that we live in a television world, he lost.  He let Romney dominate the television image from start to finish.

10:32: Romney brought up the famed Medicare “gutting.”  The AUDACITY.

10:27: I read somewhere that John Kerry played Romney in Obama’s debate practice.  I thought at the time that it was a bad idea.  Kerry isn’t hollow or ruthless enough to approximate Romney’s debate style.

10:25: Romney implies that lack of bipartisanship is what makes Obama inferior to him.  Obama should be nailing the entire Republican Party over the front door right now.

10:23: Implying that he cares about education and Obama doesn’t is unbelievably audacious.  Romney goes way out on one limb after another.  Obama doesn’t slap him off.

10:22: Romney is about teachers over green energy I guess.  Hadn’t heard that before.

10:17: The path we are taking is working.  The economy is growing and unemployment is dropping.  But, if Obama doesn’t feel the need to expose the lie, nobody can make him.

10:16: Again, Romney should be terrified to bring up Massachusetts lest it open up an attack line on the basis of his Obama-esque policies there.

10:13: Belated disclosure: In recent weeks, I’ve come around to supporting Obama for re-election on the basis of domestic policy.

10:11: Romney lies about the context of Bowles-Simpson again and again, and Obama lets him get away with it every time.  Romney should be traumatized by the thought of mentioning anything that relates to the US Congress right now.

10:10: Obama is rushing through points rather than pausing for effect.  He’s normally a master of that.

10:06: As a former member of Iraq Veterans Against the War who learned a thing or two about adversarial television appearances, Romney’s is the far superior television performance thus far.  Obama is throwing this away.

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