The Embassy Attacks and Right to Free Speech

Roger Ebert has a sentence-by-sentence analysis of the US Embassy-Cairo statement on the recent Muhammad film trailer.  The post has a great comments section, although it does start to degenerate toward the end.

I agree with Ebert’s overall point that the notion that Obama apologized or sympathized with the attackers is a lie. However, I agree with the commenter counterpoint that hurting religious beliefs is not an abuse of the right of free speech.  In retrospect, the embassy was misrepresenting the United States even though they were obviously not unreasonable in feeling concerned for their safety.

I don’t envy the current Administration for having to deal with what is clearly an ongoing, complex, and extremely dangerous situation, but American values dictate that the US government lay out in no uncertain terms that no aspect of the making or distribution of the (possibly faked) movie trailer is justification for killing anyone. No religion has a special right not to be offended or a special right to defend their feelings or “honor” with violence.

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