Here’s another one making the Facebook rounds:


What’s most pertinent here is not the mangled grammar or the conspiratorial nonsense about voter fraud.  It’s the accompanying caption:

The Marine audience at Camp Lejeune sit in wild, rapturous applause for President Barack Obama. This picture represents the majority of the military and how we all feel about the current fraudulent president.

A few points:

The author thinks the military has some special authority to determine presidential qualification, and yet:

  • The author is perfectly at ease arrogantly speaking for “the majority of the military.”
  • The author is impervious to facts like the release of Obama’s long form birth certificate.

Also, the author is unlikely to be disciplined for this clear act of insubordination.

But to prove that I am not impugning every single member of the military, here’s some hope from a commenter with whom I swear I have no personal connection:

This site is an embarrassment to the uniform.

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