Ancient Roman Road Discovered on Greek Subway Site

So cool:

THESSALONIKI, Greece AP — Archaeologists in Greeces second-largest city have uncovered a 70-meter 230-foot section of an ancient road built by the Romans that was the citys main travel artery nearly 2,000 years ago…

Several of the large marble paving stones were etched with childrens board games, while others were marked by horse-drawn cart wheels. Also discovered at the site were remains of tools and lamps, as well as the bases of marble columns. Viki Tzanakouli, an archaeologist working on the project, told The Associated Press the Roman road was about 1,800 years old, while remains of an older road built by the ancient Greeks 500 years earlier were found underneath it…

The subway works, started in 2006, present a rare opportunity for archaeologists to explore under the densely populated city — but have also caused years of delays for the project. In 2008, workers on the Thessaloniki metro discovered more than 1,000 graves, some filled with treasure. The graves were of different shapes and sizes, and some contained jewelry, coins or other pieces of art.

I wonder if how much the digging process was been regulated as a result of the initial discoveries.  How I envy any construction worker that unearths such a find…

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