Ackerman: Drones in Yemen Are Part of a War, and That’s Bad

Ackerman may not see drones as part of a “fundamental change” in warfare but he’s not impressed with their employment in Yemen:

Undeclared wars are dangerous wars. Questions about goals and resources can go unanswered, when there’s no  need to convince the people or the Congress of their merits. No one knows how undeclared wars end, or even when they’re won, because no one measures the progress of wars fought in the shadows.  The only way they end is when the US decides to simply walk away — as with the 80s-era shadow war the US helped wage in Afghanistan. Looked like a great success for a decade; not so much on 9/11.

…We’ve gotten so used to fighting in the shadows for so long, we barely even ask our leadership what victory looks like.

I’m in agreement with this article, of course.  I’m a bit surprised that it takes a stand on the issue–I was under the impression that Danger Room was a straight journalistic publication.  I guess it’s more of a blog than I realized.

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