Norwegians: July 22nd didn’t “change everything”

The parallel between July 22 and September 11 isn’t an exact one.  Still…

it is striking too what “July 22,” as the attacks are commonly called in Norway, has not done. It has not made Norwegians more fearful of one another, or triggered calls for tougher anti-terrorist measures. Instead, many Norwegians say it has reaffirmed their faith in a society they like to see as liberal, tolerant and egalitarian.

The attacks have certainly fired up existing activists such as [Vegard Groeslie] Wennesland…

“This guy wanted to kill me because I believe in democracy, openness, tolerance and dialogue,” Wennesland, dressed in a hooded top and Converse shoes, said. “Well, fuck it. If that is what he wanted to kill me for, I am going to carry on fighting for it.”

via Special Report: Life after Breivik | Reuters. h/t Dish.

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