The organizer of Columbia’s annual Take Back the Night march:

…for the first time in its history, the march will be gender-neutral. In past years, Take Back the Night has maintained a women’s-only space at the front of the march in order to acknowledge that sexual violence is a gendered crime…

We recognize that the women’s space was naturally exclusive of certain community members and seemed to prioritize the experiences of female survivors.

In past years, we have maintained that the march should be as anonymous as possible in order to protect the identities of the march participants. Unfortunately, this policy has recently forced us to police personal cell phone and camera usage during the march. In order to better maintain the energy and mission of the march, and to acknowledge that our generation frequently uses such technology to participate in our communities, we will allow bystanders and march participants to take photographs and/or videos of the march, so long as any documentation of the march is done respectfully.


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