Men Misread Women’s Sexual Cues

A psychological study has come to the unremarkable conclusion that men are capable of over- or underestimating women’s sexual attraction to them.  The part that has me puzzled is this:

Men who believed they were “hot” also thought the women were hot for them, but men who were actually considered attractive by women did not think this way.

My experience has been just the opposite: I virtually never detect sexual attraction from the hottest women even though I find myself attractive.  I’ve always assumed it’s because, in our society, the hottest women can afford never to offer a crumb of information about their interest–they have only to leave the house to be assailed by as many potential mates as they could hope to screen.  It’s one of the rare facets of our society in which the power disparity is overwhelmingly in favor of women.  Women don’t seem to realize our lack of equal opportunity in terms of mate selection.  Not to diminish the overall social disparity in favor of men, but it’s very trying.

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