Japanese whalers return to the Antarctic!


The Japan Fisheries Agency says the trip’s use of $28 million from the earthquake recovery fund is legitimate, because one of the towns devastated by the March earthquake and tsunami was a whaling port…

Japan say it will have extra security for the trip this year, which is needed to protect a legitimate “scientific” enterprise.

The Japan Fisheries Agency issued a statement to AM saying the Japanese government’s aim for the whaling voyage is “to get the scientific data”.

When they say “beefed up security,” they mean a previously unacknowledged Coast Guard presence:

Coastguard officers travelled aboard the fleet in the 2007-2008 and 2010-2011 seasons, but did not announce their presence beforehand.

“We have decided to beef up security as never before,” a coastguard official told Japanese media.

So you’ve got the Japanese openly sending military personnel to defend a lethal whaling program in an internationally protected wildlife sanctuary and the Sea Shepherds, an increasingly militarized activist organization, pitted against them in what looks ever more like naval warfare.

Sea Shepherd vessel Bob Barker. Credit: Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Michael Dalla Fontana

Please, Animal Planet, cover another season of this.  It’s some of the only tv I watch.

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