This. Is. Awesome.

Adam Serwer discovered that dozens of people wrote satirical reviews of a pepper spray canister on Amazon:


There I was, confronted by a large group of peaceful college students. There they sat, linked arms, doing nothing! You can imagine my fear: all I had was full riot gear, my baton, a taser, several guns a helmet and a vest, and 50 other guys. But I’m nothing if not macho, and I casually reached for my can of pepper spray, brandished it aloft, and sprayed the whole row of peaceful, passive students.

That’ll teach ’em to try doing nothing on my watch!

“Does not work as advertised” is brilliant.

These reviews can have more effect than folks might imagine. If you really want to undermine someone’s credibility, ridicule them. Publicly treating them as a serious matter affords a degree of legitimacy that is truly destroyed by making a joke out of them.

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