Arrests at Baruch College Demonstration

Why didn’t they just use grenade-launched tear gas or pepper spray before making the arrests?  After all, crowd control is hard, and the convenience of the police is of the utmost importance in a democracy.

[The video is posted on Facebook and won’t embed to WordPress.  Sorry.]

In all seriousness, it’s still destructive of the foundations of democracy and, frankly, cowardly to arrest people for protesting in a public space. But the above video is proof that police can protect the sanctity of a public university auditorium (or what have you) without risking people’s lives or putting them in brutal pain. Any police not willing to go through such rigamarole should resign.

The students who were moved to drop books on the police should assume responsibility for so doing.  But no one should surprised that citizens are losing patience with the police response to what would have been peaceful demonstrations.

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