Second Oakland Mayoral Official Resigns, Occupiers Return to Plaza After Crackdown

via the San Jose Mercury News:

8:28 p.m. General Assembly has reconvened at Frank Ogawa Plaza

Between 200 and 300 people remain at the plaza after splitting into small groups to discuss future plans for Occupy Oakland. A proposal to conduct outreach to north, west and the east Oakland communities was shot down earlier. The general assembly has reconvened and is continuing to discuss what is next for the group. People are offering up different proposals, such as using the plaza for organizing during the day, but not camping there at night. Some say it’s important to reoccupy the plaza, but no one is suggesting they do that tonight.

Others say the Occupy movement needs a presence at the plaza 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There was also a suggestion to set up “satellite camps” in various neighborhoods to draw more people into the movement…

7:30 p.m. Another member of mayoral team resigns

Deputy Mayor Sharon Cornu has resigned, effective immediately, the second member of the mayor’s team to submit her resignation just today. Mayor Jean Quan’s legal adviser and longtime friend, Dan Siegel, also resigned today over the mayor’s handling of the Occupy encampment…

Asked for more details, Quan’s spokeswoman Sue Piper said in an email, “It’s a personnel issue.”

Here’s more about Cornu from her biography on the city website:

“Sharon Cornu is a longtime political strategist, community organizer and former elected labor leader. She returned to Oakland after serving as national field director for the AFL-CIO in 2010. A magna cum laude graduate of Brown University, she holds a master’s degree in human services from the University of Massachusetts. She serves on the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee and the East Bay Economic Development Alliance. She was recognized by East Bay Housing Organizations for her leadership on affordable housing in 2009 and was Assemblymember Sandre Swanson’s Woman of the Year in 2007. Cornu first met Mayor Quan as a PTA activist at Laurel School, where her sons participated in our schools’ award-winning music program.”

UPDATE: San Francisco Chronicle reports that the number of reoccupiers in Oakland is closer to 1,000:

“A lot of the people who started the camp want to see this move on to the next level,” said Anthony Owens, a 40-year-old sales consultant from Oakland who has been a key activist.

He said he didn’t see much reason to restart a tent city.

“I’d like to see the tents replaced with booths, community resources, workshops, teach-ins, and maybe even a kitchen still serving the homeless,” Owens said.

The reoccupation of Frank Ogawa Plaza reminds me of a saying I once heard.  Something about “the enemy advances, we retreat…”


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