Lower-Upper-Middle Class vs. Upper-Upper-Middle-Class

Meg McArdle offers some outside perspective on Occupy Wall Streeters:

The people at the We Are the 99% blog didn’t choose this; they expected something different.  They didn’t see it coming. Yes, yes, maybe they were naive about the possibilities of a fulfilling and secure life in the field of non-profit environmental management.  Probably they should not have sunk tens of thousands of dollars into acquiring a BFA.  But these mistakes didn’t usually used to be crippling….

Unfortunately their choices became utterly, horrifyingly disastrous just at the moment when we had a terrible financial crisis that spiked our unemployment rate up to 10%.  We can argue about exactly who is at fault and to what extent, and how much longer our public sector spending would have been sustainable without the financial crisis.   But whether or not you think their reaction is empirically correct, it certainly isn’t surprising.

It’s good to get outside perspective.

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