Wealth Distribution in Congress

Part of the reason that Occupy Wall Street hasn’t come up with a cogent set of demands is that the problems facing us are numerous and deeply intertwined.  For example:


At least 196 House and Senate members are millionaires.

Congress’s median net worth last year was $513,000, which the median net worth among American households was around $100,000 — a number which, according to the Federal Reserve Board, has dropped by $20,000 since 2008.

When this is the situation, it’s really hard for ordinary people who’ve been screwed to come up with a convincing policy recommendation.  What legislation, for instance, could they propose that would satisfy lawmakers whose financial and social networks are those of the offending businessmen?  Not only do members of Congress in the top 1% stand to lose money and friends from any such deal, they don’t even have the frame of reference to relate to the problem.  People who’ve lost their homes and jobs after a lifetime of hard work don’t see any recourse except to create political unrest that forces an unwilling government to make concessions out of necessity.

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