They Say it’s 50…

50 Cent’s Street King charity took some pics with members of Occupy Wall Street and posted them on the Street King Facebook page.  A couple minutes ago, 50 posted this from his Facebook page:

whoever hacked in and shut down my Street King page because I support peaceful protest…..fuck you, you aint going to shut me up!

OWS isnt just a bunch of fuckn hippies, these are concerned mothers, teachers, students, unemployed, even business people wanting the system to get fixed.
They want a just world, a fair world….they aint against people making money, they are against corruption.
They aint burning cars, fighting police – these people are doing Martin Luther King style, Nelson Mandela style
I’m not anti-business, I’m pro-business. I’m all fr making money but we need to give back. We need to care about one another.
The world is fuckn crazy that we allow 29,000 children a day die. For those of you that don’t have voices, well I’m going to help you have a voice

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