Oakland Tribune Reports that Port of Oakland May Have Been Shut Down by Strike


8:59 a.m. Reports of Port of Oakland shutdown

Word is spreading that the longshoremen have short-staffed the early shift, and the Port of Oakland is shut down. Reporters are on their way to the port to confirm. Chief Wharfinger Chris Peterson said work is happening in some terminals, “but it’s really slow.”

UPDATE: I didn’t read very closely.  The tribune reported at 9:50 that the port was significantly slowed but not shut down entirely.

As of 10:30 am, the march was headed to Wells Fargo bank.  No police yet:

No one has spotted a uniformed police officer since dawn, though organizers say they assume plain clothes officers have been monitoring the rally.

Maybe the Oakland PD Association’s Open Letter to the Citizens has something to do with the absence of police in Oakland today.  Or maybe the police looked at the totality of the circumstances and concluded that an overt presence was unwise.

UPDATE: Men’s Wearhouse of Oakland has shut their doors in support of the general strike:

UPDATE: NYT reported that the port did eventually shut down:

By early evening, port authorities said maritime operations there were effectively shut down.

“Maritime area operations will resume when it is safe and secure to do so,” port officials said in a statement, asking marchers to “allow your fellow 99% to get home safe to their families.”

And for this one, I add a character tag:

Lenore McAllister, 30, arrived from Danville, about 22 miles east, with her three children, ages 4, 3 and 1. Her 4-year-old daughter held a sign that read, “Toddlers are the 99 percent and even we share.”

Her children thought they were at a parade, Ms. McAllister said. “I support the Occupy Oakland movement,” she added. “I’m here to teach my children to share by teaching the banks to share.”

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