Andrew Sullivan Loves the Goddamn Hippies

…when they are occupying Wall Street anyway.  He has a three-page piece in Newsweek that explains his reluctant support of the “occupation.”  Quotable quotes:

On not normally taking the incredibly self-unaware radical douchosphere seriously:

The crustier edges of the fringe can be as smug as they are alienating—from replacing applause in Zuccotti Park with silent finger-wiggling to the occasional, asinine assertion that the U.S. government is a greater evil than al Qaeda…Their cultural signifiers distract from their message—which is diffuse and vague enough to begin with. Before too long, I find myself inclined to move on, to zoom out.

On the economic cronyism and the pathetic political process that refuses to address it:

You can ignore much of this if the economy is generating enough jobs and sufficient dynamism to distract attention. That’s why Dancing With the Stars exists. But after the deepest recession since the 1930s, the patience runs out.

And on taxing the profanely rich:

Unlike in Europe, crude redistribution from rich to poor is still highly unpopular in America—and even more so in the last few years. Americans still rightly want merit to be rewarded and don’t like class warfare. But raising taxes on those who have benefited the most from the past 30 years to help reduce the debt is not class warfare. It’s an obviously pragmatic attempt to get some fiscal sanity back.

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