Paying the Pied Piper

The extra-special “fucking over a war veteran” edition:

Maxim insurance company, partly owned by Baltimore Ravens owner Stephen Bisciotti, maxed out Richard West’s Medicaid benefits by charging the government for care he never received.

“From my wheelchair, on a ventilator and oxygen, I have spent the last seven years in this fight. Sometimes, the good guy wins,’’ said…West, 63, of Tuckerton, NJ.

“The more I uncovered, the more pissed off I got that someone was making money on my disability . . . It’s people like me that will keep these big companies honest.’’

Maxim agreed to pay $121.5 million for Medicaid fraud–of which West was awarded $15 million for blowing the whistle–, $8.4 million to the VA, and a $20 million fine.  Fuck you, Maxim.  Pay.

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