Actually, I’ve been into this song for a few weeks now.  As I develop the right side of my brain, which I neglected for my first 25 years, this song seems like a message that everything’s gonna turn out alright despite the craziness of life.

Having graduated and ended a phase of my life that was really fulfilling and enjoying, I kind of need that message.  There was a good bit when I was overwhelmed with the meaning of it all–saying goodbye to so many of the most amazing people I ever met, having to enter an environment that’s not as purely meritocratic, resigning myself to the adult conversations about the banalities that thirty year-olds trade (wedding, new apartment, work promotion)–and just wanted a break from adapting.  I was like, “why can’t life just stop for a while and let me catch up?!?  Just give me one year of stasis!”  But of course that’s not gonna happen.  The only way to deal with the whirlwind is to embrace it.

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