Iraq War in the News

You don’t see many of these types of articles about Iraq anymore.  It strikes me that this one speaks about America’s fighting, in the past tense.

The real news here:

Nearly one-third of U.S. troops killed in Iraq were age 18 to 21. Well over half were in the lowest enlisted ranks.

I wouldn’t want that fact to be overshadowed by the next part that struck my eye, which I repost here as a ready retort to cavalier defenders of the Iraq War who throw about the false platitude that “we knew this would be hard when we went into it”:

Jack Keane, who was the Army’s No. 2 general when the war began, told Army historians in 2006 that he and others had believed Saddam’s loyalists would fold once Baghdad fell in early April 2003.”We did not consider it a realistic option that they would continue to attack us indirectly. And shame on us for that,” Keane said.

We were sold on a fantasy war of little sacrifice.  I don’t want to dwell on the past but we need to internalize this knowledge before moving on from the war, otherwise we can expect the Vietnam-shame-nationalist rebound-Iraq cycle to repeat itself.


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