Best Show Ever

Animal Planet has begun releasing a behind-the-scenes miniseries on their Whale Wars website. It adds a wonderful element of depth to what is already, as indicated in the title of this post, the best show ever. In this segment, the cameramen discuss filming from aboard the small boats during anti-whaling operations. I can feel the parallel between the adrenaline of their experience and that of service in combat.

I had always wondered what it must be like to be the cameraman in such a dangerous and often morally ambiguous environment. There’s a moment in Season Two when the cameraman, after capturing footage of the Steve Irwin’s bow buckling under the pressure of ice outside the ship, sets down his camera and refuses to remain below deck with Sea Shepherd crew members.

The embed code won’t work for whatever reason, so you’ll have to click on the above link to see what I’m talking about.

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