Good Breakdown of the NYT Assange Editorial

“x7o” at WL Central does a good job of pointing out the rather irritating, snobby bias taken by Bill Heller in his 8000-word article/editorial on NYT’s involvement with Wikileaks.  Excerpt:

So while we learn from Keller that it is an unworthy sentiment, to consider it fortunate when “the last superpower” is “taken down a peg,” that is not at all clear to me, when the full meaning of being “the last superpower” is apparently that there are few meaningful restraints on that power’s actions, and when the full exercise of its influence entails the curtailment of the rightful influence of the people of Europe on its own governments. I would direct Keller to the Melian Dialogue on this point, but it would perhaps be more appropriate for him to meditate further on the Declaration of Independence, a very worthy document with which, I am sure, he is passingly familiar.

It does seem like Heller takes every opportunity to point out quirks of Assange’s personality (like skipping down the street for no apparent reason) that seem to serve no purpose other than to denigrate the man.  I don’t doubt that at least some of the anecdotes Heller relates are true and that working with Wikileaks was, more often than not, a pain in the ass.  I also see that Assange’s grandiose statements and quick temper do not help his image.  To the extent that the MSM portrays these events as they happen, they’re doing their job as they should.  Unfortunately, Keller’s seems more like an attempt to pass off a snotty, self-serving CYA piece as a distanced, objective portrayal of the NYT-Wikileaks relationship.  It gets old, seeing this kind of crap.  I hold NYT’s journalism in high regard–it may be the best newspaper in the US.  Pieces like this from the executive editor undermine that regard.

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