Early Morning Wrote-A-Multivariate-Regression-Paper-till-4:30am Rant

I’m shot.  Didn’t even read Philip Mudd’s article about keeping our original Afghanistan objectives in mind, just shooting off the top of my head about it:

He’s right of course, but it won’t make any difference since Americans don’t understand war in the Clausewitzian sense, in which wars are fought for a reason and are subject to cost/benefit analysis.  For Americans, the reason to fight a war is because we’re “at war,” but they need an ideology to justify their macho dependency so they make up some bullshit about how terrible everything will be if we lose.  It won’t.  Life here will go on the same either way.  It matters more for the Afghans, but we wrote them out of our objectives in 2009.  And if you really think we need to spend $5 billion/month on this because of terrorism something something, you need to reevaluate your priorities because we suffer over 440,000 smoking-related deaths per year.

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