My IED Metrics Draw Controversy


Small Wars Journal recently published an article penned by a pair of Marine Captains who argue that the IED metrics I drew up at CSIS this summer are flawed:

For a variety of reasons, we discourage anyone from using this report to draw conclusions on the tactical conduct of the fight in Afghanistan today, especially conclusions about how best to counter the IED threat.

We caution against doing so because the experiences of the Marines, Sailors, and Afghan National Army (ANA) Soldiers that we had the privilege to serve with in southern Helmand Province from October 2009 to May 2010 completely contradict the seemingly logical conclusion that one might make from the report: IED incidents continue to grow while IED turn-ins due to local national tips appear to be exponentially decreasing; therefore, more troops and resources in Afghanistan have not led to greater security and cooperation for and among the population, but rather increasing hostility between ISAF/Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) and the Afghan people.

My reply is in a comment on the article.


  1. feiblemonster says:

    “red white and blue forcefield” that guarantees American success in war. Awesome.

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