So Cool

Wetter than the Sahara!

Credit: NYT

A moon probe found significant quantities of water – and what’s more, the water is in an easily harvestable form.  I love reading about new discoveries like this.  We are getting to where it becomes realistic to think about colonization of worlds other than our own (I have my fingers crossed for a Europa visit!!).

The soil at the impact site contained more water, on average, than the Sahara desert. That’s not Eden, of course – It’s enough to sustain a very limited number of people who are willing to make considerable sacrifices.  But the point is, it can be done.  Colonization of the moon (and yes, whether we’d want to do so is another question) is moving from the realm of science fiction to science future.

NYT quote:

If astronauts were to visit this crater, they might be able to use eight wheelbarrows of soil to melt 10 to 13 gallons of water. The water, if purified, could be used for drinking, or broken apart into hydrogen and oxygen for rocket fuel — to get home or travel to Mars.

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