Some More Isolated Examples

A few more anomalies made the internet today:

At the end of the first video, the offending soldier is told to knock it off by another, presumably higher-ranking soldier.  So no, his behavior was technically not accepted by the military.  On the other hand, it sure doesn’t look like he had much reason to fear the consequences of his actions.

I think it’s time we came to an agreement on exactly how frequently a set of behaviors has to occur before it counts as “widespread.”  The behavior you just watched is the kind of stuff you could probably expect to happen at least monthly, up to daily, in any given detainee center in Iraq while I was deployed.  We have less operational responsibility in Iraq now, so this behavior is probably waning there as servicemembers come in less contact with detainees. But a problem gone unaddressed is a problem that will reveal itself again.

It’s also worth nothing that this sort of mean-spirited bullying is FAR more common than the premeditated murder that these guys have been accused of.  The mistreatment that our tax dollars sometimes fund exists along a wide-ranging continuum on both sides of the law.

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