If the military is to build foreign democracies, it helps to understand their own

I’m done using Facebook for what I decided a while back I would use this blog for.  Hopefully the shorter posts force me to become a better writer.

And with that, I’m linking to a Tom Ricks post on his blog, The Best Defense.  I’m actually linking to it for the comments on his post.  There are a lot of ideas in here that interest me for various reasons, but I couldn’t resist quoting one of them:

It always bothers me when individuals so knowledgeable of military matters are so ignorant of the basic affairs of democracy. That may be the best reason for leaving military decision to the common people, which a draft does.

There are exceptions, of course.  Woe befall me if I fail to point out that a handful of officers, NCOs and maybe even the occasional exceptionally aware junior enlisted have taken the time to learn something about the founding of our own democracy-and its pitfalls. But exceptions do not generally fair well in the US military.

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