The New Wikileaks Release is NOT About ISI or “War Crimes”:

Wikileaks’ reason for releasing the Afghanistan data, as cut and pasted from their website:

“The material shows that cover-ups start on the ground. When reporting their own activities US Units are inclined to classify civilian kills as insurgent kills, downplay the number of people killed or otherwise make excuses for themselves. The reports, when made about other US Military units are more likely to be truthful, but still down play criticism. Conversely, when reporting on the actions of non-US ISAF forces the reports tend to be frank or critical and when reporting on the Taliban or other rebel groups, bad behavior is described in comprehensive detail. The behavior of the Afghan Army and Afghan authorities are also frequently described…

This archive shows the vast range of small tragedies that are almost never reported by the press but which account for the overwhelming majority of deaths and injuries.

It’s a lot easier to deride Julian Assange than it is to deal with an uncomfortable reality to which we, as American citizens, give our democratic consent. Remember the two guys in the Wikileaks Apache video who were executed while trying to rescue a wounded man after they were reported as “probably picking up bodies and weapons”?  You didn’t hear a lot of public commentary about that part of the footage, did you?

Lt Col Gary Solis, expert in the Law of Land Warfare and professor of law at Georgetown, speaking to PBS Newshourabout my testimony to the Congressional Progressive Caucus:

“What’s going on or what was going or has been going on in Iraq and Afghanistan is so pervasive that we haven’t got enough lawyers, if we were going to charge everyone that we suspected of having committed such an act.”

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