Politics and Petraeus

A Military Tactician’s Political Strategy
In Defending the Troop Increase, Commander Paved Way for a ‘Long War’

By Thomas E. Ricks
Special to The Washington Post
Monday, February 9, 2009; Page A01

“For Petraeus and Odierno, his second in command, one key to buying time in 2007 was to scale back the Bush administration’s ambitions of turning Iraq into a beacon of democracy for the Middle East…’We’re not after the holy grail in Iraq; we’re not after Jeffersonian democracy,’ Petraeus later told the House Foreign Affairs Committee. ‘We’re after conditions that would allow our soldiers to disengage.'”

Interesting WaPo article that goes behind the scenes of Petraeus’ sale of the surge to a hostile Congress. The author doesn’t say how he got his information but he seems to draw from direct interviews with Petraeus. I posted this because the American public seems to be ignorant of the fact that this kind of machination happens in our military-both internally and in their dealings with political entities.

Bottom line: The guy wasn’t just reporting what he saw in Iraq. His testimony was calculated to keep us there.


  1. […] Kelly has used the language of decisive victory since the surge began.  He must not have received his commander’s memo. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Hammers Can’t Fix Computers OR How We Lost […]

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